happy independence day to all of ya.. this 14th aug is going to remain in my memories for long.. (for sure).. we had so much fun last night..

yesterday was my chacha’s franchise inauguration party.. n we were all there; all chachas, chachis, phuppo, cozns..¬† played lots of national songs.. had sooo much fun.. felt so much patriotism inside.. ūüôā

may God bless our country n us..

PAkistan ZINDABAD!!!

“ye watan hamara hia.. hum hian pasba’n iss ke… “


this story really moved me.. wht a way to define love n infatuation… must read…

There was a blind girl who used to hate everyone except her
Boyfriend……..she always used to say that I”ll marry you if i could
see !! suddenly one day some one donated her eyes…….and then when
she saw her Boyfriend……she was astonished to see that her
Boyfriend was also blind…….. Her boyfriend then asked…WILL YOU
MARRY ME NOW ? she simply refused………. Her Boyfriend went away

hey.. i got my driving licence today.. :d .. i can legally drive now.. ūüôā

its been like 4 days now since its raining here in sindh.. it was pretty much good for the 1st two days..but this rain is depressing me now.. i donno why..

well i was in khi.. sat,sun, mon.. my mami is here from qatar.. my khala from lahore.. went to meet them.. it was fun..attended a wedding as well..

i was cleaning out my yahoo mailbox yesterday.. mainly the very old fwds that i had gotten,  instead i started to read my old mails. mails between my friends at that time..
now when i look back i see how much things have changed. how much i have changed.. i read the replies i wrote to my friends, my friends and i sounded like a complete snob.
maybe because i, myself am a very insecure person…
everything that i have ever wanted and loved in my
life has been snatched away from me.. no one has ever
understood me or what goes inside my head.

i treat people who deserve to be treated good like shit and
the people who don’t deserve that respect..i treat them much more nicely. i take things for granted and before i know it.. things change.

anyways.. these mailz took me back.. some 6yrs back.. aah!

this might be the reason why this weather is depressing me.. im missing everything.. my friends.. those chats..those long emailz n those long replies.. whtever the bitterness maybe but its part of my life.. n i can never forget that.. n i still wish i cud turn back time..

Breaking up is kind of like the death of a loved one…

When it happens u know u will never see that person again, u will never talk to that person again. Nothing can ever be the same. But u have to move on, because u are still breathing. Your heart still beats, though it is broken.

The same can be said for death and for break-ups.

The clouds move on, the earth turns grey;
The happiness I felt, has quickly gone away;
The whisper of the wind, seems to call my name;
I try to respond, but it seems I’m not the same;

Time elapses slowly, into the universe;
It’s definitely not a pleasure, nor is it a curse;
Nothing seems to matter, no one seems to care;
I reached out to touch you, but you’re not really there;

Everything I see, and everything I feel;
Sometimes seems like a dream, where nothing there is real;
I grasp onto reality, and try to play this game;
But every single thing, always remains the same;

The mist is finally fading, the truth is here to stay;
The illusions are finally passing, the lies have gone away;
But reason cannot save me, tears will not heal;
I’ve giving it some time, to see what will be revealed;

No one has the answers, no one holds the key;
I’m wishing for a miracle, that you’d belong to me;
Until then, I’m lost with my solitude..

well ok just got free from my assignments.. thought to update my blog.. today was a hectic day.. yar im not able to sleep properly since many days.. i donno why is that.. i touch my bed at 3 mostly…n then it takes abt 1 to 2 hrs for me to sleep.. i wake at around 12 noon.. isnt it tiring.. i hardly sleep for¬†3 to¬†4 hrs..¬†

The same happened today.. i slept at 4am.. woke at 11.. went univ¬†to discuss my thesis title..¬†its not decided yet… anyways..¬†NEWs OF THE DAY! (Sajjad is committed ūüôā )..¬†chalo finally someone is committed :p ..¬†am waiting for my turn lolz.. phr phr phr came home at¬†3.. had lunch¬†prayed jumma..¬†was trying to take a nap.. but aaah! my naend.. ūüė¶ .. kher after Asar¬†i slept for like¬†2 hrs..

Bas this is it for today.. just submitted my ACC quiz.. gonna go out with dad to buy some stuff..

ok now here’s onething i was thinking all the¬†day long.. why do ppl claim for such things that they¬†are not able to do.. for example, i have seen alot of people saying “tum aur bas tum, tumharay ilawa hum kisi ke nai hosaktay..kisi ka soch nai saktay” but¬†when they r rejected¬†by him/her they find¬†someone we¬†call “SAHARA”¬†.. why is that? do we always need someone with us? n if yes, then why¬†do we have to claim such things..¬†i might be sounding offensive to¬†many, im sorry abt that.. anyways..

here’s a little survey i took,..

What is your first name? Sonia
Who do you live with? mom dad
Do you have your own room? yup.
Do you have a cell phone? Yes. nokia 3230
Did you ever have a mental breakdown? Regularly.
Do you have a boyfriend? yup
Do you have a crush? does he know? Yes. Yes.
Where did you take ur last vacation to? last vacation we went punjab.
Who is your best friend(s)? well got many good friends
What was the last movie you seen in the theaters? hehe “jo dar gaya woh mar gaya” :p
What was the last movie you watched? well well well..hmmm let me think.. it was FANA i guess
Do you watch the OC? No.
Did you see the house of wax? Did you like it? No
What shirt are you wearing? sea green.
What pants are you wearing? same.
What make up are you wearing? None.
Do you have any pets? what? i dont like pets.
When was the last time you wore a skirt? uhh… dont remember
Do you play any sports what? i used to play bedminton.
Do you think that gay couples should get married? If they want. what can i say :S
What age do you wanna get married at? 23 or 24.
How do you wanna die? at what age? Easily. aah.. age? cant say..
When was the last time one of your friends stabbed u in the back? dont remember.. 
When was the last time you flirted with someone? Last night! hehehe just kidding..
Are you wearing a belt? which one? Nope.
Did you ever get called a slut? were you mad? No.
How old are you? 21
How tall are you? 5’4”
Are you pretty crazy? Pretty much.