its been like 4 days now since its raining here in sindh.. it was pretty much good for the 1st two days..but this rain is depressing me now.. i donno why..

well i was in khi.. sat,sun, mon.. my mami is here from qatar.. my khala from lahore.. went to meet them.. it was fun..attended a wedding as well..

i was cleaning out my yahoo mailbox yesterday.. mainly the very old fwds that i had gotten,  instead i started to read my old mails. mails between my friends at that time..
now when i look back i see how much things have changed. how much i have changed.. i read the replies i wrote to my friends, my friends and i sounded like a complete snob.
maybe because i, myself am a very insecure person…
everything that i have ever wanted and loved in my
life has been snatched away from me.. no one has ever
understood me or what goes inside my head.

i treat people who deserve to be treated good like shit and
the people who don’t deserve that respect..i treat them much more nicely. i take things for granted and before i know it.. things change.

anyways.. these mailz took me back.. some 6yrs back.. aah!

this might be the reason why this weather is depressing me.. im missing everything.. my friends.. those chats..those long emailz n those long replies.. whtever the bitterness maybe but its part of my life.. n i can never forget that.. n i still wish i cud turn back time..