happy independence day to all of ya.. this 14th aug is going to remain in my memories for long.. (for sure).. we had so much fun last night..

yesterday was my chacha’s franchise inauguration party.. n we were all there; all chachas, chachis, phuppo, cozns..  played lots of national songs.. had sooo much fun.. felt so much patriotism inside.. 🙂

may God bless our country n us..

PAkistan ZINDABAD!!!

“ye watan hamara hia.. hum hian pasba’n iss ke… “


hey.. i got my driving licence today.. :d .. i can legally drive now.. 🙂

aah! im in love with its themes.. they r sooo cool n simple.. i hope i stick to it now.. previously i had a few blogs.. but were never satisfied or maybe coz of my nature that i cant stick to one thing.. 

this file upload option in wordpress is simply great.. 

anyways will try n post regularly.. i dont think i wud be able to.. but let’s see…